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Webinar #5 – AIDA Webinar Series I Improving 5G Management

“Anomaly detection in large graphs” is the topic of the fifth and last session of the “AIDA Webinar Series”, an initiative promoted by the CMU Portugal project AIDA with CMU Portugal support.

The Webinar will take place online on September 30 at 3pm (UTC +1) Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon University) as main speaker, and also joining the session as speakers Jeremy Lee (Carnegie Mellon University), Mirela Teixeira Cazzolato (Carnegie Mellon University and University of São Paulo), Saranya Vijayakumar.

The session will be moderated by Pedro Fidalgo from the Project company promoter Mobileum.

Summary Webinar #5: Given a large who-calls-whom graph, how can we find patterns and anomalies? In this presentation we will discuss some patterns that several real graphs seem to obey (small diameter, power-law degree distributions), and how to use them for anomaly detection in real settings, like Mobileum’s call-graph, and other social networks.

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Start date

Sep. 30, 2022

End Date

Sep. 30, 2022