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Inês Lynce at Técnico Alumni Talks – Women Edition 2024

Inês Lynce, CMU Portugal National Co-Director and INESC ID President, will be part of Instituto Superior Técnico “Alumni Talks – Women Edition”, on March 8 (12h30 to 14h30) at Técnico Alameda.

This special edition aims to celebrate the International Women’s Day by highlighting the success stories of six alumnae from Técnico including Inês Lynce (CMU Portugal I INESC ID) who will be also representing the Gender Balance@Técnico group. During an informal event that will take place during a brunch, these women will share their experience, career journeys, and share insights on their professional background.

  • Sara Guerreiro de Sousa | Innovation Product Manager at Unbabel Labs & Center for Responsible AI | Applied Mathematics and Computation;
  • Mariana Marques | CAMO Engineer | Aerospace Engineering;
  • Joana Pinto | Co-founder and CEO at Clynx Health | Biomedical Engineering;
  • Lara Próspero | Global Director – L&D Delivery Excellence at Microsoft | Engineering Physics;
  • Marta Sousa e Silva | Project Manager at Xylem | Environmental Engineering;
  • Inês Lynce |  President at INESC-ID | Co-Director at CMU Portugal | Gender Balance@Técnico | Computer Science and Engineering

The “Alumni Talks – Women Edition” is a platform to foster mentorship, networking, and empowerment among women in technology and engineering. The event is open to all, encouraging students, faculty, and industry professionals to join in celebrating the achievements of these Técnico alumnae.

More information here. 

Start date

Mar. 8, 2024

12:30 am

End Date

Mar. 8, 2024

Meeting room of the Pavilhão Central (Central Pavilion) – Alameda Campus