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CMU Portugal Orientation Day 2018-2020

CMU Portugal Orientation Day 2018-2020 will welcome all the new students that start their dual-degree Ph.D. Programs in 2018-2020.

The orientation day event has become a tradition of the CMU Portugal Program, perhaps the most informal of the Program’s event calendar and one of the most valued by students.

CMU Portugal dual-degree Ph.D. students’ academic path is demanding time, with a tight academic schedule and many professional challenges, designed to stimulate growth in all areas. In this session, the leadership and staff try to adjust expectations and direct students to the Program’s mechanisms available to support them during their two years at CMU and three years in Portugal, including the community of current students and alumni.

This year’s event will occur in partnership with Fundação Luso-americana para o Desenvolvimento (FLAD) to host the session at their headquarters.

Program :

09:00 / 14:00 – Welcome session
– Elsa Henriques, FLAD’s Administrator
– Nuno Nunes Rodrigo Rodrigues, CMU Portugal Program National Directors
– José Fonseca de Moura, CMU Portugal Program Director at CMU (VConf)

09:15 / 14:15- Overview of the CMU Portugal Program and the Dual-Degree Ph.D. Programs

09:30/ 14:30 – Presentation by CMU Portugal dual-degree Ph.D. students 2018-2020
– Brief presentation made by the new students on their thesis research topic and main goals for the Ph.D.

10:45/ 15:45 – On the pathway to a CMU Portugal dual degree Ph.D.
– Round-table discussion with CMU Portugal Program community

11:15/ 16:15 – Closing session

11:30 / 16:30 –  Network Reception

Start date

Oct. 12, 2020

2:00 pm

End Date

Oct. 12, 2020

5:00 pm

Fundação Luso-americana para o Desenvolvimento