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Ricardo Brancas

I am an Early Stage Researcher at the ARSR group in INESC-ID. I concluded my BSc. and MSc. at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico. Recently I have been researching Program Synthesis applied to the synthesis of SQL queries, and how we can make sure to satisfy the user’s true intent.

Margarida Ferreira

Since my Master’s Thesis, I have been researching program synthesis, the task of constructing a computer program based on a high-level description of what it should do. I will continue to explore this topic on my PhD: through program synthesis, I hope to find ways to help everyone easily and safely use a computer to automate daily tasks.

Daniel Ramos

I am PhD Student in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Broadly, my research goal is to create methods and tools to help software developers by automating tedious (but necessary) refactoring tasks. Currently, my primary focus is on automatic library migration and transpiration, but I have also worked on program synthesis.