Miguel Diogo

In 2021 I graduated with a master’s degree in electrical and computer Engineering from Universidade de Coimbra. With a double major in automation and computers. In 2022, I was awarded a fellowship grant to join the SAFEFOREST project (a CMU-Portugal project). My research is focused on research path and motion planners, as well as develop a system using Gazebo and MoveIt (a ROS framework) to compare several path planning algorithms that help a wheeled robot navigate through an octree representation of its surroundings.

Afonso Carvalho

After finishing my integrated Masters in 2021 from the University of Coimbra in Portugal and working for 8 months as a researcher, I am now starting my doctoral path with the CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph.D. Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering on forestry robotics, with a workplan entitled “Efficient Large-Scale Mapping and Path Planning in Forest Environments”.

Tamás Karácsony

I am an ML researcher at INESCTEC with an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and an MSc in Mechatronics is from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. My main research interests include: Computer vision, Action recognition, Biomedical Applications of ML, Neuroengineering.

Maria Eduarda Andrada

I am a doctoral student of the CMU Portugal Affiliated Ph.D. in Robotics with the supervision of Dr. David Portugal (ISR-UC), Dr. Joao Filipe Ferreira (NTU-UK) and Dr. George Kantor (CMU-US). I received my Masters from University of Genova (UNIGE) in Robotics Engineering and my Bachelor’s from the University of South Florida.