inRes 2014: Conditions 

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The CMU Portugal Program organizes inRes, an international immersion program for very early stage entrepreneurial teams working in ICT, in Portugal, aiming at accelerating and strengthening the development of their startup projects. 

Requirements for running the initiative

The decisions to start and to keep running inRes, as well as the actual number of admitted teams, will depend on the availability of funds, the number and quality of the submitted proposals, and the actual number of teams and individuals that register, and are committed to, and actively participating in, the initiative at any time.


The organization of inRes has no commercial or for profit goals. The participation of inRes and entrepreneurial teams in this initiative requires the sharing of technologies and know-how created and owned by the participants and/or their institutions, which are a critical asset for the future development of their startups. Because the context of the initiative requires the exchange of restricted and/or non-public information between the participants, there is a need to protect the confidentiality of that information, which will be guaranteed by a non-disclosure agreement, signed by the participants, the core teams, the mentors, and the initiative management team.