Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Professional Master Students in Human-Computer Interaction 2009 2011 

Ana Menezes.

Ana Rafaela Menezes || amenezes at andrew dot cmu dot edu
Ana Rafaela Menezes is originally from Fortaleza, Brazil. While still in high school, due to her interest in different cultures she participated in a cultural exchange program for one year in the US, where she learned English. During the first years of her BSc in Computer Science she did research in the Graph and Biotechnology and in her third year, she studied one semesterin the University of Wesminster in London, sponsored by the British Council. After she came back she developed interested in the industry and startedworking with webdevelopment and system migrations for a small company. After graduation she started working at SERPRO (National Federal Processing Services), as a system analist where she did web programming, system requirements, system configuration and some basic graphic design. During her graduation research she realized she wanted to do her masters in something that could help her to help people right away. She figured there was already a lot of technology around but it needed to get to people somehow and that's when she learned about HCI and Usability. This was more than enough to decide to take a masters in this area and this program was ideal for her. She is very passionate about HCI and thrilled to be learning how to use technology to improve people`s life in a easy and friendly way. Her other interests include: movies, dancing, cooking, traveling and culture.

Andreia Gonçalves MHCI studentAndreia Gonçalves || agoncalv at andrew dot cmu dot edu
Antons AkkarakaranAntons Davis || aakkarak at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Having a solid background in Computer programming and keen interest in Design and Psychology, Antons could not think of a better program than Masters in Human Computer Interaction(MHCI) double degree program offered by CMU and University of Madeira, to suit his taste. Armed with an Undergraduate graduate degree in Information Technology, he worked at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business solutions for 2 years. During this time he worked on significant projects like software development for Blaupunkt Portable Navigation Devices(PND) which provided enough motivation to pursue field of HCI. He believes he can contribute his best to this domain and is ready to take up all challenges in the pursuit. On the lighter side, he loves playing Soccer, Table tennis, Badminton and Snooker.



Boris Smus_1Boris Smus || smus at cmu dot edu

Boris Smus received an BSc (with honors) in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of British Columbia in 2007. Before starting the MHCI program, he worked for two years at Apple as a software engineer on the iWork and teams. Boris loves creating new things, from web applications to robots. For more info refer to his web site.

/uploadedImages/people/students/Denzil Ferreira.jpegDenzil Ferreira || dferreir at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Since he can remember, he always was interested on how things work. His first experience with Technology was when he opened his father stereo in order to see where did the sound come from at the age of 5 years old. Passionate ever since with Science and Technology, he did his major in Computer Science and two years later his masters in Software Engineering. With an expertise knowledge in programming and Software Engineering, gained from working in the industry for over 8 years now, firstly as a monkey coder and lastly as a project manager, he wondered if there was anything we could do to bring Technology to everyone, in a more pleasing way. HCI allowed him the opportunity to explore and research ways for making this a reality.

Frank Noz MHCI student

Frank Noz || fnoz at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Maria Freitas MHCI studentMaria Freitas || mfreitas at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Marco Silva || mtsilva at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Mark Leung MHCI student

Mark Leung || markleun at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Michael PennisiMichael Pennisi || mpennisi at andrew dot cmu dot edu
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Nicholas Matterson || nmatter at andrew at cmu at edu

"I gained my undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Manchester in England. Before starting the HCI Masters Program I was working as a Usability Specialist at Thomson Reuters. My role consisted of interaction design, usability testing and prototyping. In my free time I like to ride bikes, play guitar and love water sports."

Rebeca SaRebeca Sá || rcsa at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Rebeca Castelo Branco de Sá, originally from Brazil, is a master student in the Human Computer Interaction Program, with a previous degree in Design with graphic and visual emphasis at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil. Before joining the program she used to work as a visual designer for mobile devices and Internet applications, but during all of her professional career she went through a variety of industries from advertising, information technology and at last she was dedicating herself to the mobile devices technology industry. Passionate about user experience design, she's amazed how this activity is able to provide technological solutions that affect people's everyday lives. Portfolio, Linkedin profile

/uploadedImages/people/students/Ricardo Jesus.JPGRicardo Jesus || rnj at andrew dot cmu dot edu